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Mariarosa - Guild Master
Caliy - Co-GM

Shamrox - Officer/DSS Raid Leader

Goldensky - Officer

TexJr - Officer
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Dark Animus 10 Man killed! - At The Gates 9/12 normal ToT!

Holypaws, May 4, 13 6:54 PM.

Durumu & Primordus Killed! At The Gates 8/12! Rank 4 on Shandris!

Holypaws, Apr 29, 13 3:26 PM.
Durumu Screenshot provided; Promordous VIDEO will be released shortly.

Megaera & Ji-Kun downed in 1 night! At The Gates - 6/12 Throne of Thunder!

Holypaws, Apr 19, 13 2:03 AM.

Congradulations to the East Coast Raid Team on downing Megera and Ji-Kun on 10 man normal on Thursday night! 2 new bosses in 1 night! (Megaera screenshot was not able to be taken. A screenshot will be provided next week.)

Video's Note: Raid videos have been delayed due to a technical problem I am currently sorting out. If everything goes as planned Council of Elders, Tortos, Megaera, and Ji-Kun videos will be recorded and uploaded over the course of next week.

Tortos downed on 10 man Normal - At The Gates 4/12 Normal

Holypaws, Apr 5, 13 11:54 PM.

Council of Elders down!

Holypaws, Apr 4, 13 12:15 PM.
Sorry for the delay in posting. 2 weeks ago <At The Gates> raid team, East Coast Raid Team, down council of elders on 10 man! Congrats!

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Shandris (PvE)
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